Hello, my name is Carrie Sommer.

I am a former project manager, current freelance social media manager, photographer, eager traveler, minimalist fashion wannabe, married to an amazing man, with 3 grown children (men!), who have flown the nest, (for the most part). I am an avid reader of blogs, collector of information, health nut, foodie, design & creativity junkie.

I started freelancing in 1996, when my twins were little and their baby brother was just a year old. You see, I can't sit still and I needed something more than play dates and beach days (not that I'd ever complain about a beach day). I began with freelance writing, and have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Daily Breeze, LA Parent and various other smaller publications. From there, I began designing websites at a time when the internet was a novelty and Google was just a funny word (and definitely not a verb). In 2004, with the market saturated with web design firms, and a case of burn out, I started making handbags and selling them on eBay - this was even before Etsy! 

They took off, and an idea was sparked. I transitioned my website to eCommerce, started a blog and the rest was history for a while. My work was featured in many national magazines, including Country Homes, Romantic Homes, Cottage Living, Cottage Christmas, Malibu Times and a goofy segment on HGTV's That's Clever! (Warning: it's hugely dated!!)

Cue, burn out again. But what I noticed was that I loved marketing my business more than producing and selling. I took that as a sign and slowly closed the business to focus on my strength, marketing. Specifically, marketing online through social media and blogging. 

I love working with small businesses to help them gain the exposure they crave across the platforms that matter for their niche. 

My job gives me the flexibility I've always wanted, and I am ready for adventure at a moments notice. Whether it's wandering the art-filled rooms at the Riks Museum in Amsterdam, tasting the newest pinot release on the Central Coast of California, hiking the desert trails of Joshua Tree or slurping oysters at a hole in the wall in Seattle, I find inspiration in the smallest detail and savor every moment.