Women Aging Gracefully

It’s funny to me – everywhere we turn there are articles about positive self image, positive body talk, positive self talk and anti-bullying campaigns. We are then bombarded with advertising for the latest anti-wrinkle cream, skin procedure that will plump up what has fallen to gravity, age and the loss of collagen, and minimally invasive plastic surgery to smooth, lift and revive.

And so many of us fall for it – I know I do. I fall down every anti-aging rabbit hole on the internet, and sometimes spend more money than I’d like to admit on creams, toners and make up. Thinking about it, my mother had a face lift when she was younger than I am right now. I’m not anti-plastic surgery, but I wonder if we are spending too much time fighting what is our destiny instead of preserving and protecting what we were born with? If I knew then what I know now, I most definitely wouldn’t have spend those days on the beach slathered in baby oil! Even with those teenage indiscretions, I’ve entered middle age with pretty good skin, but I am fanatical about sun protection!

It got me thinking about all the beautiful women who seem to embrace their age without trying to stop time, and change their appearance with unnecessary surgeries and procedures. And I’m sure they have had them, but they’re done so well, you can’t reaaaaallly tell!



’ve had a girl crush on Lauren Hutton (72) forever. The fact that she is still modeling, and looked gorgeous in J. Crew’s recent catalog spreads, is the biggest inspiration.


Ines de la Fressange (58) is my complete style icon. If you know me personally, you will recognize this immediately! Besides her beauty, she exudes class, style and is so perfectly effortless. And French. That helps


Helen Mirren (70), a talent, a beauty and a huge role model. I think the first movie I really noticed her in was The Queen, and I’ve been pretty obsessed ever since.


atherine Deneuve (72) is the classic French beauty.


Jane Fonda (78) – I really don’t care what people say about Jane, she’s amazing. An actress, activist, fitness guru and model, she has aged amazingly well and is just as beautiful today as she was 30 years ago.

I would love to see the spotlight cover more about prevention and teaching our children good skin care and food habits, than the current climate of fixing, masking and altering what we have. I think we have all figured out that beauty begins within.

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