Hello 2019!


Well, I started this post on January 3, 2019, and here it is, the beginning of March! The year has gotten off to a busy start, and I couldn’t be happier about that - ok, a little crazed, but busy is good for me!

2018 was quite the year. On the life update front, meet Skye! We adopted her on December 1, 2018 through Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. She is AN ANGEL.

As previously mentioned, we lost our dear Gracie in late September, and within a week I was stalking the SCGRR site. I couldn’t believe what an impact her absence had on me, both emotionally and physically. To say I was lost without her companionship is an understatement. It was hard coming to the realization that we needed another dog. There are so many feelings at play: is it too soon? Does this mean I’m over Gracie? What would Gracie even think? In the end, we decided that adopting another dog is ok. It’s good. And Gracie would be happy for us. The way we saw it, we were honoring Gracie’s memory by helping another dog who so desperately needed a home and love.

Skye has fit seamlessly into our family from the moment we brought her home. The same day we picked her up, we took her to her first brewery, and she was a champ. She is extremely mellow, has a little naughty side and is a complete goofball. She doesn’t appear to be a purebred Golden Retriever, possibly a little Labrador in there, but we’re ok with that. We had a Labrador years ago, Candy, who was the best. dog. ever. and Skye does remind me a little of her. In any case, my son gave me a Wisdom Panel test kit for my birthday and we are anxiously awaiting the results. Of course, THEY DON’T MATTER.

On the business front, I’m working with clients that I really like and that has made such a difference for me. I had a client that I had to stop working with last year, and this is the joy of freelancing - working for people that truly appreciate you and your efforts, and cutting loose the rest.

I’m trying to post more often on Instagram, and trying to incorporate more social media tips in those posts. I’m at the point where I can’t really take on any more business, and am considering adding social media coaching to my services for those that want to stay involved in their content creation and have some direction from a pro.

I’ll try to not let so much time pass by in the future - Happy Belated New Year!