The Sommer Family

We are, Scott & Carrie Sommer, lifetime residents of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and we are on a puppy quest!

We met in high school in 11th & 10th grade respectively and were good friends for four years before we started dating! After dating for 8 years, he finally asked the question, and we took the plunge and have been married for almost 30 years!

We have three boys; twins Colin & Dylan, who are 27 and Drew, who is 24.



Scott is a Business Manager at Northrop Grumman Corporation and has been with the company for 33 years. Carrie is a former Paralegal, Small Business Owner, Project Manager and is currently a freelance website designer & social media manager, working primarily at home. We like nothing more than hanging out at home, in our beautiful backyard, or exploring the nearby beach area, hiking the Palos Verdes trails, finding new & upcoming breweries or having friends over for an impromptu barbecue.




Colin, 27, is the oldest Sommer child - by 1 minute! After graduating from Chapman University in 2014, he worked at Disney while pursuing his Masters in Communication Management at USC. Currently, he works for Warner Brothers Entertainment and is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager on the Harry Potter Global Enterprise Franchise Development team. Colin lives in Glendale, CA with his partner, Max and their French Bulldog, Stitch.



Dylan, 27, is our independent spirit. After graduating from high school, Dylan pursued several employment opportunities, including a summer in Amsterdam learning computer coding and backend systems. He currently works for TMZ (the celebrity news channel) in content management.



Drew, 24, is the youngest Sommer child. Drew is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He literally IS a rocket scientist! He has recently begun his career at Northrop Grumman as an engineer.


In 2001, we adopted our first dog, Candy, a yellow Labrador, from a family that couldn’t handle her, and she spent her days outside, behind a gate, watching the family go about their lives but not including her. Candy was a year old at the time, and needed considerable training, but she proved to be the best girl in the world. A bundle of energy for sure, but the sweetest disposition and the kindest nature. All she wanted was to be part of a family, and all we wanted was a puppy to shower with love & attention! WIN! She was full of kisses and loved nothing more than doing zoomies around the backyard and playing ball for hours. When she was about 6, we discovered she had hip dysplasia and a spine issue, so walkies became difficult. To keep her active, we adopted a Golden Retriever, Gracie, who was 2 from a gentleman who worked all the time and couldn’t give her the attention she so desperately needed. Gracie blended into our family seamlessly, and she & Candy became the best of friends.

It’s hard watching dogs age, and slowly Candy & Gracie started to slow down - zoomies around the backyard became less frequent, and naps became longer. Five years ago, at the age of 14, Candy left us. We were heartbroken, but so thankful we still had Gracie, who was suddenly cast into the role of only dog. She was spoiled silly and came with us on many adventures & travels.

Gracie left us on September 29, 2018. We had just returned from 2 weeks in Scotland, and we firmly believe she waited for us to come home. One morning, she simply wasn’t herself and we went to visit our sweet vet, who confirmed that she had a large cancerous mass on her spleen. Gracie was 2 months shy of 14, and due to her age, we chose to not put her through surgery. We brought her home and the whole family spent the afternoon loving on her for the last time. We had used Choice Veterinary Care for in-home euthanasia for Candy, and luckily Dr. Peter was available again for us. Gracie died surrounded by her family holding her and letting her know she was the best girl in the world, and that Candy is waiting for her over the rainbow. Once again they will do zoomies together and wrastle all day long.

It wasn’t long before we realized that our house was not a home without a dog. There was a certain energy that was missing, and truth be told, Carrie was a basket case. It wasn’t long before she was stalking the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue site. After applying for eight dogs, we were invited to meet Skye (then Ekin) who was rescued from a shelter outside of Istanbul, Turkey and had recently arrived in the US. She isn’t a purebred Golden, but as soon as we saw her, we knew she was the one and it didn’t matter.

Even though Carrie works from home and is frequently available to Skye, we are used to having two dogs and know she would love a brother or sister. Skye is very playful and very submissive, never making the first move with another dog and always surrendering her toys.

Carrie is an avid hiker & walker and loves to bring Skye on her treks. Both Scott & Carrie would love to have another friend to hang out with and take on adventures in the city with them. Colin & Max would love for little Stitch to have a big canine family play with when she visits. And Dylan & Drew would love nothing more than a new companion to hang out with when they’re home.

We can provide:

  • a safe, secure & firm environment

  • a large grassy backyard with a padlocked gate

  • doggie door already installed

  • a doggie bed, or space on our bed (Skye does not use her bed, she prefers the human bed and we are ok with that!)

  • toys, treats and homemade dinners

  • love, attention, time, walks, hikes and doggie playdates

We are looking for:

  • Female

  • Golden Retriever

  • Cream coat or light

  • Young - under 3 years old

  • Training is not an issue - we can help her become the best girl she can be

If you know a doggie that meets these needs, please reach out to Carrie at carriedsommer @ 🐶