So many small businesses are so busy running their business that they don't have time to market their business. That's where I can help. I love photography and styling the perfect shot, whether it's an interior, the perfect plate or highlighting your product line. I charge a flat monthly fee, depending on a mutually agreed posting schedule, and handle it all so you can focus on more important things, like beating last years sales. 

What I Do:

Blogging: Create, administer and upload blog content, manage blog calendar and act as community manager on behalf of a brand. My main focus is lifestyle brands, such as design, decor, beauty, fashion, travel & food. Experience with Blogger, Wordpress, Squarespace & Typepad.


Social Media: Develop strategy for content creation and posting cadence; Leverage social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, & Flickr) to promote services and gauge customer needs and preferences, as well as identify leading channels for social media concentration; copywriting; community management, and emerging platform identification.

Product Styling, Photography & Graphic Design: Collaborate with businesses for on-site styling, art direction, product selection, photography, asset creation, social updates; post-production editing and creation of media & company collateral. 

Office Flyers & Slideshows: Assisted businesses & organizations with the creation of slideshow presentations, flyers, postcards, and banners.

What I've Done:

Project Manager at a High End Furniture Manufacturer

  • Executed and tracked high-end furniture workroom projects from initial client contact and development through completion

  • Managed and communicated project changes and revisions between client and workroom

  • Photographed, designed, and maintained company collateral, website, blog, and social media presence

  • Developed sketches and drawings for use in the production of custom product

  • Worked with outside vendors and external consultants

  • Worked with, and sourced, outside vendors & external consultants when needed;

  • Maintained and organized project records

Marketing Coordinator at a High End Furniture Manufacturer

  • Managed channels of communication between multiple designers, vendors, high-end clients and the workshop staff

  • Served as point-of-contact for new clients and maintained customer contacts and database

  • Conceptualized and implemented company-wide branding protocol and strategy

  • Established and maintained company presence on several social media platforms

  • Photographed and edited all furniture and restoration pieces for marketing collateral

  • Created, designed and wrote copy for company website

Principle & Designer at Sommer Designs (Women's Accessories)

  • Pitched product and business story to national media and received coverage in Country Living, Romantic Homes, and Los Angeles Magazine

  • Responsible for all business operations, including sales, e-commerce, marketing bookkeeping, and graphic design

  • Gained large social media following and served as an influencer in the craft community

  • Designed and manufactured all women's accessories sold online

  • Represented company at trade shows and fairs